PNDS Website Maintenance:  

Status: Open for next year Sponsorship

Cost : 100,000/ year

Benefits: Sponsor can put up a ticker on PNDS website about their company’s name and weblink.

PNDS Newsletter:

Status: Open for sponsors for next year

Cost: (One Newsletter) Rs: 30,000/
• Full year Quarterly Newsletters Sponsorship. (4 Newsletter) Rs: 100,000/

Benefits: Company’s  acknowledgement will be mentioned on the newsletter as well as on website. PNDS E-newsletter is    distributed among PNDS Members, Health care professionals including Physicians, Dietitians, Nutritionists, corporate companies and FMCGs.

CNE (Continuing Nutrition Education Sessions):

Current sponsor for the year 2012-2014 Nestle Health Sciences, Nutrition Division
• CNE sponsorship includes booking of the venue for 80-100 participants with sound system & multimedia arrangements & tea.
Benefit included:

  • Company can put up a banner or standee inside the hall.
  •  Banner and standees can be put outside the hall along with a small stall for interaction with the participants & for display /distribution of product leaflets.

Note: No talks from the sponsor’s representatives permitted during the program inside the hall.

Approx. Cost/CNE: 30,000 PKR (excluding Venue+Multimedia+tea arrangements to be done by sponsor)

CNE cost/Year : 250,000 Pkr

Public Awareness Sessions on Health Days

eg. World Diabetes Day, World Obesity Day,World Heart Day, World Food Day, Word Kidney Day,World Hypertension Day,World Hepatitis Day ,World Osteoporosis Day ,Registered Dietitians Nutritionist Day etc):

Status: Open for Sponsorship for next year for each event

Sponsorship of whole event including booking of venue, multimedia sound system, snacks with tea served to the participants, printing of banners, educational material, advertisement in newspaper etc
Total cost: Vary depending upon the nature of activity, venue and no. of participants.  
Benefit included: Logo placement on the backdrop, standees, banners, logo on folders given to the participants, stall outside the hall, Printing of patient education material for distribution.In case of social media or media awareness related activity sponsors name will be used as a support provider.

  • WORLD DIABETES DAY 2012 (Sponsors Nestle Health Sciences)
  •  WORLD DIABETES DAY 2011 (Main Sponsors , Sanofi Aventis)
  •  NUTRITION MONTH MARCH ACTIVITIES 2010 ( Main sponsors: Tetra Pak)
  •  Nutrition month march activities 2011 (Main Sponsors: Dalda Foods, EBM)
  •  Nutrition Month March activities 2012 (Main sponsors: Nutricia Medical Nutrition Division & Mead Johnsons)

March Nutrition Month Activities:

Status: Open for Sponsorship

Public Nutrition awareness activities e.g. Seminar, walk, educational sessions at Schools for children, older adults, teachers, parents, at offices/work places, communities. Media programs e.g radio, T.V talk shows. Publication of educational material / Newspaper supplement.
Participation opportunities:

  •  Putting a banner / standee inside the hall or outside the hall
  •  Putting up stall outside the hall, to display promotional material no sales permitted.
  •  Advertisement in Newspaper supplement / Newspaper

For any other related information, contact Fayza Khan(President & Chair PR Committee PNDS at