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March Nutrition Month 2014

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PNDS celebrate and conduct various educational and public awareness activities in relation to ‘March Nutrition Month’ .This campaign was originally initiated by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics in USA. Over the years many dietetic and nutrition societies around the globe have taken on this task every year in March to promulgate the importance of nutrition among health professionals and public at large. These activities are further endorsed by International bodies.

The Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) is celebrating ‘March Nutrition Month and the theme for this year is to “Enjoy the taste of eating right” by combining taste and nutrition to create healthy meals.
Nutrition & Dietetic societies around the globe celebrate this month with various activities. Over the years, celebrations of March Nutrition Month remained true to its purpose that is to increase public awareness on importance of good nutrition and position registered dietitians and nutritionists (RDNs) as authorities in the field of nutritional sciences. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Day is also celebrated during March to recognize the dedication of RDNs as leading professionals for advancing the nutritional status of people.
Like previous years, PNDS is taking time out to strengthen its vision of optimizing nation’s health through promoting healthful eating messages and conducting educational and public awareness activities during March, 2014. Two major activities have been organized by PNDS to commemorate this occasion:

  • Publication of Nutrition supplement: An educational material to be distributed in the local communities and public at large. This supplement has been written in Urdu, in order to make it easier for the people to read and understand the content. The articles are on topics that will highlight the importance of a healthier lifestyle and have been written by PNDS members, who have the ability to translate sound scientific knowledge into helpful nutrition information that people can understand and apply to their daily lives.
  • Educational activities in different schools of Karachi with a focus on school canteens: Based on needs assessment of individual schools the activities have been planned. We strongly believe that involving school authorities, teachers, and canteen staff will go a long way in conveying our messages healthy eating and life style behaviors among school children. They will also participate in the discussion regarding how the school canteens can provide healthy and affordable snacks for the students. PNDS members are very excited and look forward for various activities related to MARCH NUTRITION MONTH. We will keep you posted, don’t forget to visit our website www.pnds .org.

Encourage all people to explore new foods and flavors, keeping taste and nutrition on the plate at every meal.
Thank you and enjoy healthy eating!
Fayza Khan
MSC (Foods & Nutrition), RD
President Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society